The “standard” paintwork finish

Gloss wraps give you an OEM (original equipment from manufacturer) feel.

If you simply wish to make your car a different colour but still retain the factory standard then these colours could be for you.


Many manufacturers are now adding a matte paint to their ranges due to customer demand.

Matte colours give you a flat (non-shiny) finish and are available in many different colours and shades.


Not quite gloss and not quite matte.

Satin colours sit midway between and offer a slick, silky, semi-shine finish.

Again, a large choice is available in colours and shades.


By far the most “stand-out” colours in the range!
Whether you wish to stand out from the crowd, create a real head turner or amplify your business branding, chrome wraps could be the answer you’re looking for.
With Chrome, you will always stand out from the crowd!


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